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Hacking collective ‘Anonymous’ plans to shut down BART website today



The protest group "Anonymous" said Saturday it will shut down BART’s web site Sunday at noon, one of several actions planned against the government transit agency in response to the agency’s brief shutdown of underground cell phone service last week.

"Anonymous" said in a news release that it would shut down for six hours beginning at noon, twice as long as the time BART shut down cell phone service Thursday afternoon. BART officials were hoping to prevent protestors that day from communicating about police locations.

A protest of recent shootings by BART police had been planned for Thursday but failed to materialize.

In response to what they claim is BART “censorship,” Anonymous is also planning a protest at 5 p.m. Monday at the Civic Center BART station.

"Anonymous" is a loosely affiliated international collective of hackers who typically get involved in computer-related issues, including support for Wikileaks.