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Lotto larceny: Store owner allegedly tries to steal customer’s jackpot



WHAT: Kecia Parker brought her winning $88,000 North Carolina lottery ticket into a Pop Mart convenience store to have the numbers scanned, but owner Sureshbha Patel allegedly said it wasn’t a winner and kept it — trying to claim the payout for himself.

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT: When retailers selling lottery tickets claim winnings, officials take extra precautions. It turned out Parker played the same numbers every week for years at the same store — except for the winning week when she bought it while vacationing.

WHAT’S BEING DONE: The lottery used store security tapes to track down Parker and give her the $88,000. Patel was charged with felony larceny and set for $50,000 bail; lottery sales were indefinitely suspended at his Pop Mart.