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More Southwest flights canceled at SFO in wake of Friday's emergency landing



Five more Southwest Airlines flights were canceled at San Francisco International Airport today as the airline continued to inspect some of its Boeing 737 aircraft after a Sacramento-bound flight Friday had to make an emergency landing.

The airline canceled about 300 flights nationwide Sunday, and another 300 Saturday, following the incident in which a plane leaving Phoenix, Ariz. lost pressure after a hole appeared in the cabin. The plane landed safety in Yuma, Ariz., though a passenger and a flight attendant suffered minor injuries.

Southwest is now inspecting 79 of its 737s for “aircraft skin fatigue,” according to the airline.

SFO Duty Manager Chuck Navigante said that today’s cancellations included three Southwest arrivals and two departures at SFO. Saturday, 12 flights were canceled, he said.

Navigante said he did not yet have information on possible cancellations of Monday flights.