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Third San Francisco district attorney candidate revs up the campaign engine



So far it’s been a two-horse race for the district attorney’s office with challenger David Onek scrapping with District Attorney George Gascón over public records and conflicts of interest, but it looks like a third challenger is revving up the campaign engine.

Sharmin Bock, an Alameda County prosecutor and longtime San Francisco resident, brought on political consultant Jim Stearns about a week ago and has the fundraising machine going. She even has help from Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who is helping Bock “open doors” for fundraising, Stearns said.

She may not have a whole lot of name recognition and she isn’t exactly high in the polls, but neither was another Stearns-backed candidate who went on to bigger and better things: Kamala Harris.

And Bock is the only candidate in the race so far who has actual courtroom experience.

“She spent 21 years as a prosecutor on every kind of case,” Stearns said. “She’s prosecuted serious and violent crimes, and she’s focused on sexual assault and human trafficking.”