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Women, Facebook users to protest Mark Zuckerberg tonight


Women want Mark Zuckerberg to "defriend" Gov. Chris Christie
  • Women want Mark Zuckerberg to "defriend" Gov. Chris Christie

A growing legion of politically minded people are upset with Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg -- and for once it's not because of the annoying ticker, unappealing ads, or unpopular timeline forced on Facebook users.

This time it's about politics. As SF Weekly reports today, California activists are traveling to Palo Alto, home of the young, nerdy, rich Zuckerberg, to gather outside his house and protest his first-ever political fundraiser. The politicalshindig , which will no doubt raise plenty of money, is for New Jersey's Gov. Chris Christie -- the Republican presidential wannabe who really wants to gut funding for important women's health organizations, including Planned Parenthood.